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What We Will Do To Russia If It Uses Chemical Weapon In Ukraine – Biden


The President of United States, Joe Biden has warned Russia President, Vladimir Putin against deploying chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Speaking after a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, Biden warned that the organisation would “respond” if Putin used a chemical weapon in his war on Ukraine.

He said: “We will respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use.”

The US president disclosed that NATO is actively monitoring events in Ukraine, warning that they are ready to hit back at Russia if it goes beyond its limits.

Biden said NATO has never been more united, against Russia, announcing that his presidency has pledged $2 billion in weapons to Ukraine.

He announced a new commitment to “more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance,” as well as promising to welcome 100,000 of the nearly 3.7 million refugees fleeing the country.

According to CNN, Biden said the West was in it for the long haul, intent on “increasing the pain” on Moscow, while intensifying the effort to exclude Russia from the G20 and replace it with Ukraine.


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