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Saga Lacks Focus, Big Brother Lashes Out

Big Brother has lashed out on former Deputy Head of House Saga, saying he lacks focus.


Big Brother took a swipe at Saga for failing to carry out a secret task saying he not only lack focus but also disrespected the Diary Room privacy rules.


He further said Saga not only failed the task but revealed the details of the task word for word to Nini.



Big Brother also stressed that Saga gets no reward for his lack of focus while lauding Liquorose and rewarding her and her partner for being diligent.


On Day 52, Big Brother gave a secret task to Liquorose and Saga with a promise to reward the two housemates if they prank and pick a fight with their love interests, Emmanuel and Nini.


Big Brother showed the house the clip and asked Nini to rate Saga’s performance and she said he did well because she didn’t figure out it was a prank until he confessed.

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