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Uber Loses Licence to Operate in London

Uber has lost its licence to operate private hire vehicles in London after authorities found that more than 14,000 trips were taken with more than 40 drivers who had faked their identity on the Uber app.

Transport for London said on Monday that it would not renew the ride-hailing giant operator’s license, citing a pattern of failures that had placed passenger safety and security at risk.

Transport for London said Uber had made a number of positive changes and improvements to its culture, leadership and systems in the period since the Chief Magistrate granted it a licence in June 2018 but added that a pattern of failures by the company had been identified.

Recall that in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, The national Union of e-hailing drivers and partners, an umbrella body for uber drivers, held protests last week where they kicked against the conditions of agreement between its members and Uber and other forms of maltreatment they have had to endure.

The president of the union said the tech company needed to do a better profiling of its clients in order to protect its drivers.

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