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‘Leaked’ Video of Neymar Rape Incident Emerges [WATCH]

A video of the encounter between Brazil forward, Neymar and a model who claimed he raped her, has ‘leaked’ onto social media.

The clip released on Wednesday night was recorded by the complainant in the second meeting with Neymar at a hotel in Paris, Diario Donordeste reports.

The unnamed model had claimed that Neymar grabbed her violently, hit and had sex with her without a condom.

However, the video which lasts one minute and six seconds, shows that the woman was more aggressive.

They both walk into the hotel room, before a dialogue ensues.

A sound similar to a slap is heard, before Neymar says, “No, no, no, no, no.”

The model asks twice, “Are you going to hit me?” And Neymar replies, “I like it.”

While he attacks the player, the woman shouts, “But I’m going to hit you, do you know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why? Do you know why? Because you attacked me yesterday, you left me here alone…“.

The rumoured video of Neymar and the girl who accused him of rape was been leaked.

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