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Some beverages products of both Nigerian Bottling Company and 7up Bottling Company makers of Coca cola and Team respectively were recently bought in Nigeria by two customers on different days at the same store.

The reports got to our correspondent last week when a consumer caused a scene at a seller's store(name withheld)where he bought a TEAM  product of 7up Bottling Company who he got to know while consuming the said product of 7up Bottling Company and realized that the content of the drink is sticky in his mouth and he tried to check thoroughly what he was drinking before he got to know that the bottle was not properly washed and this made him to called the attention of the sales girl in charge of the store where he bought the product from.

Our correspondent took some of the pictures of the bottle and promised to get back to them, but just almost a week after he received a called from an unknown person that similar occurrence had happened. 

The recent one was that of Coca cola a product of Nigerian Bottling Company that another consumer bought and got know that the content was too darkish in nature and also that there was no gas at all in the content. He therefore returned back the drink and promised to involve his lawyer as to lodge complain about the Coca cola product he bought. 

He therefore advised the general public to check thoroughly well before consuming any of their products and other beverages so as to be sure of what they are consuming in other for them to avoid visiting hospital for an unknown ailment that these bad products can cause to their health.


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