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Buhari’s N45mn Nomination Form: PDP Accuses Presidency of Round-Tripping

The main opposition party, PDP, has accused the presidency of round-tripping in the purchase of President Muhammadu Buhari’s nomination form.
    President Muhammadu Buhari receives Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms from a socio-political group, the Nigerian Consolidation Ambassadors Network (NCAN) today at the Presidential Villa, Abuja

Mr Buhari’s presidential nomination form of the governing party, APC, was bought by a relatively unknown group last week while the president was in China.

The group, NCAN, said its members contributed the N45 million used to purchase the form.

The form has been handed over to Mr Buhari who has filled it and submitted to the APC headquarters on Wednesday.

In its statement on Wednesday, however, the PDP said Mr Buhari’s failure to “explain the registration status, membership and source of funding of the shadowy group exposes the charade in the latest failed endorsement stunt.”

The opposition party was, however, silent on the fact that a separate group also bought one of its presidential aspirants, Atiku Abubakar, his own N12 million nomination form.

Read the PDP’s full statement below.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the Buhari Presidency of round-tripping the N45 million claimed to have been contributed by a shadowy group to buy the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential nomination form for President Muhammadu Buhari.

The party said President Buhari’s inability, as “Mr. Integrity”, to explain the registration status, membership and source of funding of the shadowy group exposes the charade in the latest failed endorsement stunt.

The PDP notes as laughable, that the Buhari Presidency does not realize that such stunts have become out-worn and cannot sway opinion in a country with citizens as enlightened as Nigerians.

Most Nigerians already know how some officials at the Buhari presidency, made up of corrupt individuals, racketeers and certificate forgers, hurriedly assembled the group and mobilised them with N45 million for the APC presidential nomination form, which was hiked to scare away other contestants.

How members of the group were settled for the stunt as well the issues and disagreements that arose from the deal are also known to many Nigerians.

What Mr. President’s handlers are hiding from him is the fact that Nigerians do not believe the falsehood that a set of individuals, facing the challenges of abysmally low purchasing power, put together a wholesome N45m to buy him a form.

Nigerians are still waiting for him to make public the proof of registration, membership, list of individual contributors and amount contributed by these shadowy individual members.

We also challenge President Buhari to make public the official correspondences of the 12 million members of the Rice Farmers Association, members of the Fertilizer Producers Association and the members of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association who, he claimed, offered to buy nomination form for him.

Moreover, the PDP described as unpresidential, the outbursts credited to President Buhari against those who left the APC noting that such was an unwarranted attack on innocent Nigerians whose only offence is that they chose to abandon his derelict sinking ship, APC.

Finally, the PDP counsels President Buhari to forget the idea of painting himself as a lover of youths and asking for funds from them, as his “lazy youth” comment and talking down on young persons not to contest against him in the 2019 election, amply convey his disdain for the Nigerian youths.

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