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Singlet Anointed By Pastor Adeboye Allegedly Resurrects Corpse In Bayelsa State – WATCH VIDEO

Latest report as Nigerians have expressed shock after a testimony how a singlet anointed by Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor Adeboye resurrected a corpse dead for 12 days in Bayelsa State was shared on social media by the church.

The testimony was shared on the church’s verified twitter page. The testimony read: “Testimonies Cont’d. 
8. Hole in the heart of a baby girl closed 
9. 12 days Dead raised back to life with the use of the anointed garment daddy G. O prayed on! Wow! 
Reacting to the testimony, Nigerians expressed disappointment how such an unbelievable story could be shared by the church without showing any evidence.
“Bro I’m scared of this kind testimony …SMH who wrote this script??? Buhari must see this.” @BENlowGEE commented.
The testimony disclosed by a testifier at the church’s Holy Ghost Service held last night at the Redemption camp, located along the Lagos/Ibadan express road has continued to generate views.
According to him, his sister had died while he was away and upon his return 12 days later, he placed a singlet carrying the anointing of Pastor E.A Adeboye and boom, she resurrected.
@Iam_mc_harry added: “Lol the zobo no cold😂.”
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  • instablog9jaSinglet anointed by Pastor Adeboye resurrects lady who has been dead for 12 days in Bayelsa State
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  • chiiidubemAbeggi make we hear word, even God said once u die u cannot be resurrected, it's in ur Bible goan find it. Lazarus own is exceptional Cuz Jesus gave him life.
  • esosa_robertYour faith will work for you, it is what you believe in no matter how foolish it is that will work for you.. Plenty judge in this country
  • rahzcarter@vwise007 😥😃😥
  • aurora.cameroon@mishyteknon I’m a born Jew young man. Continue believing in your Daddy GO. It’ll help you
  • tosintosade@iiamclay lol, it's not everyone that died that was called by God
  • realdjfame@gbengaosaigbovo I don't argue with people who have coconut on their head
  • omoakinn@lauradiva Mentioning restriction of words made me understand how Lil and immature you can be. That made me check ur page and I can see you r really a Lil girl. So that made me concluded that u know nothing about life. God will keep your days on earth my dear Lil girl so you will be wise when you grow up.
  • rahzcarterIn a country where people barely know difference between brain dead, coma, dead what do you expect? Jesus never waited for 12 days before resurrecting Lazarus 🤔🤔
  • iiamclay@tosintosade lol... Who called d rest oooo
  • emmy_ddx@louisiano007 😂 😂 😂 please continue
  • vetsoloThis stupidity is on an epic scale
  • starglam_irawoThank you lord 😩🙏🏻
  • ekpems22@sir.adeoti hahahahahah abeg leave me ooo
  • mz_d30God of miracles😁
  • omoakinn@lauradiva If I open up my page for you to see how I and my family look. you will understand how many miracles have experienced in my life. God has really been with us. I can not count my blessing my dear Lil girl. But I have not seen that man's kinda miracle before or even heard it. That was why I was surprised. Do don't blame😂😅
  • louisiano007@emmy_ddx.....MY PLEASURE😉😉
  • prince_podiDaddy freeze never see this one ☝️ God pass man
  • kencool2@_marleyfia 👏👏👏👏
  • bankyteddy4sureThank you Lord Jesus
  • omoakinn@lauradiva Someone you knw have died in your presence and resurrect with cloth or something before right? Pls share your experience and let's praise the Lord
  • miztobyGlory be to God
  • jessyuwa77Hallelujah
  • empresssexy@queen_maggy they are buried already, so it's quit different from someone in the mortuary
  • thrillnonstop@oruma40feet 😂 thank you sir!

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