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Fresh Violence in Zamfara Claims 66 Lives – Senator

It was reported at the Senate plenary on Thursday that no fewer than 66 persons were extra-judicially mowed down in Zamfara state by maruading gunmen.

This latest tragedy happened last night with women and children as major victims.

Senator Kabiru Marafa, representing Zamfara central senatorial district, brought the sad development to the attention of the hallowed chambers through an adopted order 43.

In his explanation, Marafa disclosed that young married women were brazenly separated from their husbands and raped with impunity.

“Mr. President, the killing took place in my senatorial district and even beyond in the state”

He claimed that local authorities with particular reference to the state government do not want the public to know about the lingering violence meted out to the people.

The lawmaker further accused the local media of being compromise with hush money against reporting the prevailing carnage and state of lawlessness.

Marafa also said unconfirmed reports of the number of casualties was put at 66 while the international media houses said it was 15.

The lawmaker said the situation required urgent response before the state goes out of control.

He also spoke of the need to declare a state of emergency in the state if the state of lawlessness persisted.

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