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Igbos Should Reject Any Medical Treatment From The Military – Ezeife

A former governor of Anambra state, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has appealed to Igbos not to allow or accept any form of medical treatment from the military.

Ezeife made the plea during an interview with Sun, saying that ‘they should not allow themselves to be killed with syringes’. He said;

“Last week, I was in Anambra, a traditional ruler called me and told me that his people were called to come out on Wednesday for free medical treatment by the military. He asked me whether he should allow his people to come out for the exercise. 

I told him, no, that if we could not stop them from killing with guns, we shouldn’t allow them to kill us with syringe. But on Wednesday, they went to schools in Anambra for the free medical treatment and everybody including school children were running helter-skelter, and parents were running to take back their children in the schools. I appeal to every parent in the Southeast to not allow their children to be treated by the soldiers. We are rich enough to treat our children.

We are grateful to the governor of Anambra State for approaching the military and advising them to stop the medical treatment of our people until we understand what they want to do.

The military should have gone to the minister of Education or the commissioner of Education or Commissioner of Health, and the governor before releasing the soldiers in a civilian population. 

Whether it was an intended good or evil, they approached it in a very wrong way.”

He also accused the government of harbouring ‘major hatred’ for the Igbos, he said;

“God didn’t marginalise the Igbo, but all of us own the government. President Muhammadu Buhari, when he started to make appointments, appointed more than 40 persons without one of them coming from the Southeast.

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