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APC Never Promised To Restructure Nigeria – Bisi Akande

Chief Bisi Akande, a former Interim national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) has stated that the party never promised to restructure Nigeria.

The chieftain while speaking to newsmen shortly after a meeting of APC south-west stakeholders in Ibadan on Thursday, revealed that there is no section of the party’s manifesto where restructuring can be found.

He said;
“Restructuring is not our language, go and ask those people shouting restructuring what is the definition of restructuring.What we are saying is devolution of powers. Go and ask restructuring advocates that question. Go and ask them the meaning of restructuring”.

He also mentioned that the decision of the meeting was to allow states have powers in making decisions of their own.

He said; “The decision of this meeting is not about that, the decision of the meeting advise the country to allow the state that have land to farm.”

Akande praised the governors under the party adding; “I told you that this is a meeting of party leadership outside and inside the government. 

We are concerned about the service of our government to the people”.

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