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Fresh Crisis Brews In Ohanaeze Ndigbo As Youth Council Disowns Chairman

Indications emerged on Thursday that tthe Ohanaeze Ndigbo is heading for another round of crisis.

This is as the Ohanaeze Youth Council, yesterday disowned Mr. Odozi Nwodozi‎, warning that he should stop parading himself as the chairman of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

They premised their call on allegations that Nwodozi was formerly known as Mr. Edozie Eyibo and that he was from Edo State.

The OYC made the demand in a statement issued after their emergency meeting where they reviewed their next move on the parley with Arewa Youths over the quit notice on Igbos in the North.

In a communiqué after the meeting, which was signed by the OYC Publicity Secretary, Engr. Obinna Adibe, the group said Nwodozi was sabotaging the result achieved so far in the ongoing dialogue with the Arewa Youths.

While accusing him of working against the interest of Ndigbo, they said he was playing such a “spoiler’s role because he is not an Igbo man.”

They did not spare the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the Ohanaeze, Mr. Chuks Ibegbu, who they said was under a contract to destroy on-going peace moves for selfish reasons.

The communique read in part: “The youth wing of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization met today and took far reaching decisions, which essentially borders on the October 1 ultimatum given to Igbos resident in the North.

“We took time to review the steps we have taken so far towards initiating a peace process with the Arewa youths, towards making sure that nothing untoward happened to any Igbo man or woman in the 19 Northern States.

“We are delighted with the results achieved so far and we have the firm believe that this process shall finally reunite us and ensure the safety of our people.

“However, we note with utmost concern the desperate effort by some persons to sabotage these efforts and then see to a massacre of Ndigbo in the North.

“The persons in question are one Odozi Nwodozi Originally know as Edozie Eyibo who parades himself as the chairman of Ohanaeze in the FCT, Abuja. We are indeed at a loss how such person got to lay claim to that position. It is strange because in the first place, he is not an Igbo man, but from Edo State.

“Although he has changed his name for three times, that has not in any way made him an Igbo man. He was first known as O‎sunbor Inyimbor,‎ ‎ he later changed it to Edozie Eyibor‎ and lately ‎Odozi Nwodozi‎.

“We want to say with all seriousness that he is not an Igbo man and as such he should desist from poke-nosing into matters affecting Ndigbo, more so when he does not have the interest of our people at heart.

“We warn him to cease henceforth from disparaging the Ohanaeze Youth Council and by extension sabotaging our determined effort to see to the protection of our people.

“This strange character has gone to the extent of circulating fake obituary of the Ohanaeze Youth Council President, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro in the internet. Suffice it to say that should anything happen to Isiguzoro, we know who to told responsible.

“Also in this dangerous mission is Chuks Ibegbu, who is under contract to not just tarnish the image of the Ohanaeze Youth Council but to rubbish all our efforts.

ns of livelihood but that is not enough for them to choose this path of infamy.

“Ibegbu has gone extra mile to the point of issuing media statements in the name of our President, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro. He should get ready for court action as we shall not just sue his for libel but for impersonation.

“Finally, may we restate our earlier believe in the ongoing peace process between us and the Arewa Youths. We shall see it to the end in order to safeguard our people.

“But in the case it flops, which is the grand plan of these jobbers, they shall be held responsible for any life of an Igbo man or property lost in the North.”‎

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