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Daddy Adeboye Rain Curses On Dreaded Cult Group, Badoo

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has pronounced curses on dreaded cult group terrorizing Lagos state and its residents, ‘Badoo.’

Adeboye, speaking at the Holy Ghost Service which held at the new Arena, said: “My Father, send down your fire on all every society or cult groups shedding blood of innocent Nigerians.

“Send down Your fire upon every person or organisation that are making life difficult for the common people people of the nation. Father expose them and dislodge them.”

The very respected cleric, also spoke on pastors who preach heresy and distort God’s word.

“The reasons pastors are categorized like this is because that is the area they focus on, but at times they go to extreme.

“Prosperity preachers preach prosperity in such a manner that at times they have to twist the word of God to fit their message.

“Faith preachers do same. There’s nothing wrong with faith. Without faith you cannot please God.

“I am a man of faith, I live by faith but I am not a faith preacher. It takes faith to come and live in this jungle with my family when it the den of highway robbers and pythons. It takes faith.

“There are grace preachers who talk about grace to such an extent that it becomes ridiculous. I know that it is by grace we are saved.

“I know that I am what I am today by the grace of God but I am not a grace preacher because they preach grace in such a manner that they say once you are born again you can continue committing adultery and grace will still take you to heaven. That is a lie.

“I am holiness preacher. Cut me to a thousand pieces, each of the pieces will still shout be holy. And you would say; you too, don’t you go to extremes sometimes? Extreme?

“All that the Angels are crying from eternity to eternity is: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord. I am a holiness preacher because I discovered long ago that holiness is the master key,” Adeboye stated.

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