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Angry ‘Wife’ Distrupts Husband's Wedding To Another Woman

A wedding has been stopped abruptly in one of the new generation church­es in Suleja when a woman claiming to be the groom’s wife showed up with her six-month-old son in her arms.

Drama started when the priest asked shortly before he could pronounce the man and his wife wedded. He asked whether anyone had any objection to why they should not be joined together or thereafter hold his or her peace forever to which a voice rang out “I ob­ject.” There were gasps and titters at the church wedding, where one Aigbokun Juliet approached the pulpit with a child saying, “She has three children with Osuji Hum­phrey during their four year cohabitation in Abaji, Abuja, where they both reside.”

The angry woman was given an audience to nar­rate to everyone present at the church wedding that for months, the father of her children lied to her that he was helping out a friend to prepare for his wedding and informed the pastor that the groom was her husband.

“I secretly got hold of his office bag on one of my daily routines and saw a wedding invitation card bearing his name and the lady’s name and quickly scribbled the ad­dress of the venue.

“I left his bag untouched to attend to something else outside where the bag was located so that he would not notice that I’ve touched his bag as my daily routine. I pre­tended throughout the week as if all was well till I came in to Suleja and surprised him as I walked to the pulpit with our son.

“The groom is my hus­band and the father of our three children, two boys and a girl,” she stated.

The bride’s families and friends were seen protest­ing and the officiating priest called off the wedding saying that the groom should go and tidy up his home.

No one agreed to com­ment on the issue.

A beautiful cake and food that had been prepared for the hundreds of guests were abandoned as they aban­doned the venue.

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