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Kim Kardashian Honors the Virgin Mary in Skintight Sheer Dress

However, Kardashian doesn’t appear bothered by the criticism — and she doesn’t seem to be backing down. Possibly in response to the angry tweets about how she’s disrespecting the saint and multiple religions, the mom of two stepped out hours after the launch in a skintight black minidress, with a bedazzled graphic of the Virgin Mary on it.

Chances are the Virgin Mother wouldn’t be too pleased to be represented on such a tight and short dress, but the fact that it’s sheer would probably bother her the most. Kardashian’s see-through undergarments are on full display, but, funnily enough, the Virgin Mary is concealing her cleavage. 

Is that further insult or a blessing?

She paired the sleeveless dress with strappy heels, and carried her phone in a mink case.

It shouldn’t be so surprising that Kardashian would inappropriately conjoin religious iconography with clothing, though. 

This is the same woman who once wore to church a sheer white turtleneck exposing a lot of skin and a bra.

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