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The Fall of US Empire Has Already Begun – Man Who Predicted 9(11) Attack, Prof. Galtung

A Norwegian Professor and founder of Peace Studies, Johan Galtung, says the fall of the United States empire has already begun.
     Norwegian Professor and founder of Peace Studies, Johan Galtung

Galtung observed that, the refusal of some countries to form Military alliance with the once most powerful nation on earth was an indication that the US no longer enjoy dominance within the world circle.

The Norwegian don, who predicted September 11 (911) attack and the fall of the Berlin Wall as the Soviet Union’s weakest spot made the claim in an exclusive chat with DAILY POST.
According to Galtung, “You see, to make it clear again; there is no such thing as a mandatory downfall of the USA. The downfall of the US Empire has already happened as I explained earlier, since there are very few countries left – in essence UK, Norway and Denmark – willing to fight and kill for the US.
“The other members of the European Union said in Bratislava, 6th November 2016 that they will no longer fight US wars. Trump is going to have to deal with that. So again, my point is not the downfall of the USA, but the downfall of the US Empire. In my view, if Hillary Clinton had run, she would have probably been heading towards nuclear war with Russia and Denmark would probably not have accepted that. So you can say, in that way, the last part of the US Empire would have disappeared, but at what cost? With a bang instead of with a whisper.”
On the September 11 attack, the Norwegian don maintained he only disclosed the possible retaliation against the US, following the country’s mass killings in the Middle East.
Galtung stressed that the September 11 attack could have been retaliation, following US previous attacks on other countries.
Speaking further, the Professor said, “As far as I can tell, there were no predictions at all, except that some intelligence agencies saw something coming but not where and when. What I predicted was negative feedback against the US as retaliation for the massive meddling and killing in the Middle East; so called blowback. You see, during the Vietnam War, the country was left with 3 Million dead Vietnamese, many of them Buddhists.
“Maybe after the Vietnam War, the Pentagon learned the wrong lesson, that they carry no risk for killing millions abroad. Maybe Buddhists are less likely to retaliate in revenge than Muslims? In any case, 9/11 was a blowback for murderous manipulations in the Middle East.
“Well, I said regrettable to the loss of life but also: “obvious”. The US cannot go on forever waging so many wars against so many countries and bombing all over without there being a counter-attack. The attacks were in 2001. And you know very well that in the 1990s the focus of US bombing was on Muslim countries. For anyone with a geopolitical eye on global events, it was very obvious that there could be a counter-attack from Muslim countries and so it came.”

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