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Nigeria Would Have Disappeared Under Jonathan – Bayelsa Elder Statesman, Richard Kpodoh

An elder statesman from Bayelsa State, Chief Richard Perekeme Kpodoh, has declared that Nigeria would have ceased to exist if former President, Goodluck Jonathan had remained in power beyond 2015.

He made the remark while berating the former President for allegedly allowing looting of public funds during his administration.

In an interview with The Nation, Kpodoh said, “Look at the amount of money that was embezzled. If Jonathan had remained there till today, this country would have ceased to exist.

“The country would have scattered, shattered and battered. Do you know why it seemed as if things were good then? It was a smokescreen.

“Stealing was going on and people were scattering money; they destroyed the value of money because most people were spending proceeds of stealing.

“They were spending their future today and they were living a false life. When you spend money anyhow, you can get some comfort today, but you will suffer tomorrow for a long time especially when the source is no longer buoyant.

“Jonathan should just go and sit down because it was a shame. He is a shame to Bayelsa. Look at Bayelsa state where Jonathan came from.

“Where is the federal presence here because east or west, home remains the best? Instead of allowing his home state to at least feel his impact, he and his wife only made all the money.”

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