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I insist Chidinma Okeke Is Not A lesbian –Former Miss Tourism

Ex-Miss Tourism Nigeria and Special Assistant on Tourism to the Anambra State Government, Collete Nwadike, is solidly behind her fellow beauty queen and former Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, who was involved in a scandalous lesbian video recently.

Speaking recently on her new series, ‘African Beauty,’ featuring Jide Kosoko and Funky Mallam, Nwadike insisted that Chidinma was never a lesbian, insisting that she was just a victim of circumstances.

 “Whatever that happened to her could be circumstances, but she was not drugged and it was not her organisation that set her up. Miss Anambra is an organisation I am close to. I know Chidinma well, which explains why her story affected me personally. I feel sorry for her. But being judgmental will not solve the problem.”

She lamented that the ugly event was not enough for the public to label beauty queens as lesbians.
“Saying that beauty queens are lesbians is a blatant lie. If you tell me beauty queens are lesbians, I would say you are the worst liar. 

Chindima is not a lesbian, so saying beauty queens are lesbians is not even close to the truth. There is this sisterly bond among queens. When you know the next person to you is also a queen, you like to share things with her. There is nothing more attached to it.”

Nwadike opened up that she could have fallen a victim of similar situation if she had not been warned earlier.
She narrated, “For every beauty queen, especially on a good platform, you are vulnerable. My organisation (Miss Tourism Nigeria) even warned me beforehand. 

They told me that people would approach me, that they would claim to be all kinds and they would want to lure me into things by all means.

“In my second week after Miss Tourism Nigeria, I got some funny calls and messages. I remember one claiming to be Uti Nwachukwu and said he had a Samsung job for me.

 They sent an address and expected me to meet with them there. But I called someone who knew Uti to confirm from him and he said he knew nothing about it. There are other incidents I cannot recall now.”

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