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“Why I Got Married, Released my Debut Album on my Birthday”


Nigerian singer, Ogini Oluwaseun David aka Ogyny has disclosed the reason behind his decision to get married and release his debut album on his birthday.


According to the singer, the ceremony that took place on his last birthday was intentional after putting out singles for over 10 years.


In a chat with The Nation, the singer said, “I’ve been doing music for a long time and I realised that I’ve only been dropping singles and all of that for over the years, more than ten years so I sat down and I felt like okay it is time to drop an album. 


Initially, it was supposed to be an Extended Play (EP) you know, so I realized when I was working, I just kept on recording and I had some other old songs that I felt like if I don’t release those songs now, I’m never gonna release them so it came to mind about almost a year ago and that’s when I started working on all of that. 


As time went on, one thing led to the other because I was juggling between movie locations, I had other businesses that I do. I thought that if I’m going to release this album it’s going to be on a significant day so I choose my birthday.


 However I engaged my wife on her birthday last year September so she just came up with the idea that why don’t you do our court wedding on your birthday, but it was my idea to release my album on my birthday so everything just formed”, he said.

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