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Anambra Poll: ‘Uba Most Misunderstood, Disrespected Leader’

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Anambra State, Chief Sam Nwosu, has described the governorship candidate of the party, Sen. Andy Uba, as the most misunderstood, most maligned and most disrespected leader in the Southeast.

He said such perceptions stemmed from ignorance of those who had refused to appreciate the person of the former lawmaker, who he said had maintained a quiet disposition.

Speaking to reporters yesterday in Awka, Nwosu urged those with such negative mindsets about Uba to drop them, as they get closer for a better and more objective conclusion.

He said: “When you talk about Dr. Andy Ubah, you need to get close to him. He’s very accessible and highly intelligent. He understands how to run a system properly, a virtue he learnt from former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

“Unfortunately, the same person has been the most misunderstood leader in Igbo land, the most maligned, the most disrespected because people don’t know him and he’s not the talking type.

“While he was with ex-President Obasanjo, he was and has always been a quiet person. He doesn’t know how to shout and all of that. Partly why allegations have been levelled against him.”

Describing APC as the only crisis-free party in the state with the best candidate, Nwosu advised the people to disregard allegations against the party and vote for Uba in the November 6 election.

He said: “Andy Uba has been in the system and was taught by the main men. Even the incumbent president has been his friend. The other day he was speaking, he called him by his first name.

“Why don’t we put this man there so that if there’s any caucus meeting among the leadership of the party, he’ll be a member and will protect our interest, instead of wallowing in sentiments?

“Ebonyi State has gone. Imo, the same. How many are left? And Anambra is surely going. Even the PDP you’re calling your own, there’s even a rumour that one of the leaders is about to join the APC. If Jonathan dumps PDP, who are you in Anambra not to join?

“What we should be looking at is the quality of the person to run our government for us? One who has the best opportunity to access our share from the centre. If you keep insisting on a regional party, you will never be a member of the centre.”

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