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Educationist Hails Reintroduction of History in School Curriculum

An Educationistducationist and Chairperson of Lindel Global Resources, Mrs. Onyia Loretta Iwarah 

An educationist and Chairperson of Lindel Global Resources, Mrs. Onyia Loretta Iwarah has hailed the sacrifices made by historians and well meaning erudite scholars of historical interest in the reintroduction of History as a subject in the nation’s educational system.
Mrs Onyia who made this known in a statement sent to journalists in Lagos, also commended the federal government for its swift action, as she pointed out that the full inculcation of the subject which becomes operational next academic session is indeed a step in the right direction.
Mrs Onyia who had been in the forefront of impacting requisite knowledge on Creativity and Early Childhood education noted that her organization also involved in Trainings on Global educational systems, Consultancy in learning advantages and even championing the reintroduction of History in the country.
In her bid to maintain and promote the teaching of History in schools in Nigeria, Mrs. Onyia said she is currently working with other erudite scholars in accordance with the current NERDC Curriculum to release books on Nigerian Historical Series for Primary and Secondary Schools.
She explained that Series are well researched and written to suit the historical needs of the Nigerian students who have fast forgotten and are still forgetting their roots with its attendant challenges in their norms and values.
‘’ These series have finally resolved the unholy wedlock and adulteration that had come to be in Social Studies which specifically should study the social and the agents of socialization and more, Civic Education which should look into the civic responsibilities of man in his societies and now History which should make our past to wake up in the Present so that our future should not be born deformed.’’ She said
Mrs Onyia added that with her wealth of experience in education both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, she is prepared, well positioned and qualified to be in the forefront of the recent reintegration and reintroduction of history in the country educational system.

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