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Obama Caused Slave Trade Crisis in Libya – Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has blamed the Libyan Slave trade Crisis on President Barack Obama, adding that he staged the downfall of former Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi thus plunging the country into its present horrible state.

Omokri wrote on Facebook;

“When Gaddafi was in power, there was no slave trade of Black Africans in Libya. As a matter of fact, Gaddafi gave financial aid to Black African nations and almost single-handedly funded the fight against White minority rule in the then Rhodesia (renamed Zimbabwe) and against apartheid in South Africa (Google it. Even Mandela said so openly in America).

Barack Obama staged his removal and now Black Africans are being sold in Libya and you think Obama is good and Gaddafi was bad?

All over Africa, from Libya to Egypt, to Nigeria, Obama intervened without caring what Africans really wanted and saddled us with incompetent regimes that are taking Africans backwards. 

History will not be kind to Obama!”

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