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Seized Boko Haram Commander Calls For Dialogue

 A picture of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau taken from a video released by the group on October 2, 2014. 

A seized high profile Boko Haram spy and commander has called for dialogue with the Nigerian government.
Abdulkadir Abubakar advised Abuja to hold talks with the militant group's factional leader, Musa Albarnawi, for a successful counter insurgency campaign.
Abubakar, also known as Abu Muhammad, was the chief of intelligence of the Boko Haram, who was arrested in June by the military at Buni Yadi in Gujba area of Yobe State.
He is currently detained in Maiduguri and is expected to help the government find a lasting solution to the insurgency.
Abubakar explained that the Albarnawi and Mamman Nur factions of the Boko Haram were willing to cooperate with the government to defeat the notorious leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau.
Major obstacle
He noted that the attention accorded to dialogue with Shekau was the major obstacle to the campaign against the Boko Haram.
“Shekau is not willing to surrender. Unfortunately, the government and military authorities accorded priority in dealing with Shekau, who is blood thirsty.
“Albarnawi has indicated interest to dialogue with the government to end insurgency and provide a last solution to the crisis,” he stressed.
Abubakar revealed that he undertook various espionage missions and provided intelligence to the insurgents, which enabled them to coordinate and carry out horrific attacks on innocent people.
He listed some of the attacks as the abduction of students at the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok and a raid on the Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, where 20 students were murdered.
Heavy attack
The notorious Boko Haram commander added that he provided intelligence to the insurgents, which enabled them coordinate a heavy attack on Damaturu in February 2014, where dozens were murdered or
Abubakar, who appeared remorseful, expressed his willingness to cooperate with the military by providing information to enable them crush the insurgents.
“I am cooperating with the military and I am ready to provide information on the whereabouts of Shekau.
“Shekau has left his enclave in Sambisa and moved deep into Mandara Mountain. I know the area where he is hiding and willing to provide a guide to the military,” he added.
He disclosed that some of the group members were opposed to Shekau's leadership, which promoted barbarity and violence against humanity.
The deserters
Abubakar blamed Shekau for the indiscriminate killings of civilians by the Boko Haram insurgents.
He recounted that Albarnawi and Mamman Nur were opposed to the inhuman acts committed by the group, which were barbaric and contravened the Islamic teachings.
The spy commander lamented that Shekau unilaterally ordered attack on schools, mosques, churches, markets, abduction, rape and other form of abuse against humanity.
Abubakar disclosed that Shekau was incapacitated due to ill-health, while most of his followers had deserted or had been killed.
He listed some of commanders killed by Shekau as Pepper and Aliyu Gwoza.
The deserters, he claimed, include Adam Bitiri, Ba’aba, Abbor Minok and Manchari, While Abu Fatima was killed by the military.

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