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OAP Freeze Challenges Pastor Adeboye Over Ban On Ungodly Wedding

Controversial online personality, Daddy Freeze, has challenged Pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God to define exactly what a godly wedding mean.

This follows the ban on Aso Ebi and ungodly wedding engagement in Redeemed Christian Church of God by Pastor Foluke Adeboye.

The ‘sheeple’ leader said there is no spiritual backing on how a wedding engagement should be conducted.

He questioned why a wedding with alcohol should be termed ungodly when Jesus attended a wedding that had wine distributed.

“Dear Pastor Adeboye, kindly show me, with scriptural backing, what a ‘Godly’ wedding practice is.

“While we are at this, let’s keep it in perspective, that the only wedding Jesus attended in the Bible, had alcoholic wine, while the RCCG forbids alcoholic wine.

“If Jesus attended a Godly wedding that had alcohol, and RCCG considers alcohol ‘ungodly’, I wonder what the basis is, for differentiating between the Godly and the ungodly for the RCCG and upon this assertion, the leadership of the #FreeTheSheeple movement hereby challenges the leadership of the RCCG to a biblical debate titled ‘What is a Godly wedding’

“God bless us all!” he wrote on his Instagram page @daddyfreeze.

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