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Igbo Quit Notice: Fulani Herdsmen Must Vacate Our Land – Middle Belt Group

A group known as the Middle Belt Renaissance group has maintained that all Fulani Herdsmen must vacate the middle belt region before October 1st,2017.

The group states that Fulani Herdsmen have done more harm than good to the region. Speaking to journalists, the PRO of the group stated that ‘they must leave by fire, by force’.

In his words; “Fulani herdsmen have caused the region so much pain, agony, and loss; therefore, they must go by October 1 and if they refuse to leave by that date, the Middle Belt Renaissance Forum will converge and take a drastic action that would not be palatable to them. They must leave and if they refuse, we will drive them out by fire, by force.”

Meanwhile, the Benue state coordinator of MACDAN, Alhaji Garus Gololo has dismissed the threats saying; “The quit notice is a miscarriage of thought and priority. The constitution of Nigeria allows freedom of movement and living in any part of the country, so we are not going to be intimidated by the order.”

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