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19-Yr-Old Poisons Self …After Being Scolded For Failing UTME

Poor performance in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) has pushed a 19-year-old school leaver to poison himself in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The boy, Kasumu Tunde Yusuf, according to sources, made the suicide attempt on Monday May 22, 2017 in the Lipede area of Onikoko, Abeokuta.

Yusuf, who lives with his grandmother, was said to have scored 149 marks in the examination, which earned him scolding from his mother, a liquor seller in the Iporo Ake area of Abeokuta.

The boy, who completed his secondary education last year at Ijemo Titun Grammar School, Abeokuta, could not stomach his mother’s reproach, hence, he drank a liquid soap kept in the house by his grandmother.

Before making the suicide attempt, a source disclosed to The Nation that Yusuf allegedly used his mobile handset to record the reasons for his action, asking people not to cry after he might have taken his own life.

In the recording, Yusuf allegedly said his mother had put him to shame among his friends and neighbours by openly scolding The source, who declined identity, said: ‘’In addition to the recording, he also allegedly wrote a suicide note wherein he cited the open disparaging remarks his mother made about him.

He explained that his mother’s harsh remarks had put him down before his friends and neighbours, so much so that he can no longer relate well with people in public.

‘’When he showed his mother his UTME result which was 149, the woman rebuked him for scoring poor grade. She also reproached him for being too playful and indulging himself in betting with unscrupulous friends. ‘’ Yusuf was shocked at the open scolding and he became melancholic.

It turned out that he could not handle the shame and he returned home at about 3 p.m and drank the liquid soap bought by his grandmother.’’ Barely five minutes after he drank the soap, Yusuf , who was by then standing in front of their residence, started struggling with his stomach and subsequently collapsed.

But for the intervention of their neighbours, our correspondent learnt that Yusuf would have died. ‘’A few minutes after he drank the soap, his stomach became troubled so much so that he came outside their residence holding his stomach and thereafter collapsed on the floor. ‘’It was in the process that he told neighbours that he wanted to commit suicide by drinking liquid soap.

He even gave sympathisers the phone recording concerning his reasons for the attempt to take his own life,’’ the source added. It was learnt that neighbours immediately gave Yusuf palm oil and local herbs in order to neutralise the effect of the poison in his body.

 His mother, who rushed to the scene after she was called on the telephone, it was gathered, further subjected her son to another round of scolding.

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