The management of the University of Ibadan on Monday shut down the school and directed the students to vacate the cam­pus on or before 6pm.
The students had earlier taken to the streets of Ibadan in protest, alleging insen-sitivity on the part of the uni­versity management.
The university’s Direc­tor of Communica-tions and Publications, Olatunji Oladejo, said the closure be­came necessary in or-der to avert crisis, saying the deci­sion was taken by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, after convening an emergency meeting of the university Senate to review the circumstances surround­ing the development.
While explaining the situation, Oladejo said: “The Management wishes to in­form students that efforts are currently being made to ensure that identity cards are produced and distributed starting from the middle of June. 
The Management has also issued a circular inform­ing Deans of Faculties that students’ registration forms and any other valid Universi­ty instrument be considered as sufficient for admittance into examination halls in the forthcoming first semes­ter examinations.
“The President of the Stu­dents’ Union was copied this memo. 
We wish to state that no student of the University will be denied en-try into the examination hall owing to non-possession of student’s identity card”