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Shocking: Nigeria Film Industry Joins The Adult Movie Industry

Nigeria’s film industry got a bit of international exposure last week.

No, it is not about Nollywood, Nigeria’s boisterous movie industry but its adult movie scene.

There is no need to adjust your glasses or rub your eyes. You are reading this right. Nigeria has an adult movie scene that you don’t know about. It’s underground, gritty and lurks in the hidden corners of Twitter and the Internet.

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, Lynsey G wrote an article titled ‘The Newest Porn Economy Is in Nigeria‘. It’s an enlightening piece on the power players in Nigeria’s adult movie business and how they operate in a conservative society.

Surprisingly, for a country that’s deeply religious — and split along Christian and Islamic lines — Nigeria does not outlaw pornography. It goes unmentioned in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and even in the country’s Criminal Code, “obscenity” is only loosely defined as any article whose effect, “taken as whole is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt” those who are likely to see it” writes Lynsey.

Several people have taken advantage of this loophole in the laws to start producing pornographic business.

Kingtblakhoc, who prides himself as Nigeria’s first porn star runs an adult movie company. He sells clips of himself having sex with masked and unmasked ladies. He is easily the most popular figure in this growing industry. He is famous on Twitter and has been kicked out of Instagram and SnapChat numerous times for his explicit content.

Social media is not the only place where Kingtblakhoc has been kicked out from. “There’s been little issues like some owners of hotels throwing me out of their hotels and arresting me for taking nude pics with girls in their hotel rooms and posting on social media, which resulted [in the] seizing of my laptop and iPhone 6s Plus, which is still currently in police custody” reveals the porn entrepreneur to Lynsey.
Kingtblakhoc might be flashy and upfront about his business but Free Thinkers Productions (which claims to be Nigeria’s first porn company) is above the radar.

FTP (for short) has a few porn clips to its credit which it uploads to several tube sites. It has been in the business for 10 months, two months after Kingtblakhoc got into the game.

Another game player in the business is Orgy Naija. This outfit isn’t a porn production company in the strict sense.
Orgy Naija organises orgies at discreet locations in the country. It uploads a few clips of what goes down at these orgies on its Twitter account. On its website, there are exclusive adult movies which you can watch when you pay for membership.

The porn business is here in Nigeria but it is not structured and it is far from booming. In the porn industry in America, porn actors go for regular HIV/AIDS test. There are no big production companies, no AVN awards, no regulatory body and standard rates for performances.

It is more like the wild wild west right now with no shoddy direction, no blockbusters and star acts. But isn’t that how Nollywood started?

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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