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Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Enemies Of Biafra – BIM

Biafra Independent Movement, BIM, has warned the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, against instigating Biafran youths towards violent agitation.

The BIM zonal Leader for Ebonyi Central, Chief Gideon Iloke, gave the warning while addressing newsmen on the outcome of the May 30 Biafran Day celebration.

He noted that the United Nations and the international community frown at the use of violence in separatist agitations, adding that it was the reason Chief Uwazurike-led pro-Biafra group adopted non-violence in the pursuit of Biafran freedom.

Iloke regretted the violence and clashes that erupted in Onitsha and some other Biafran cities during the Biafran Day celebration, saying that the fallen Biafra heroes would be turning in their graves seeing young Biafrans being misled to avoidable deaths.

According to him, Biafra has come to stay and any group engaging Nigerian security agencies in a shootout, engaging in destruction or any act of destruction in the name of Biafra, were enemies of Biafra and should be regarded as such.

He said, “MASSOB/BIM believe in nonviolence agitation and we have remained so since 1999 to date.

We have many groups claiming to be agitating for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra, but I want to tell the World that any other group apart of MASSOB/BIM that believes in non violence is fake and should be arrested.

“This is because MASSOB/BIM believe that we can achieve our aim without instigating biafrans to violence and lawlessness.IPOB Leader ,NNamdi KANU and Uchenna Madu were long expelled from MASSOB because of their believe in violence and destruction.

” In the course of celebrating Biafra day which began from 22 to 30 May,we didn’t block any road, we didn’t destroy the properties of Nigerians nor engage in any act of lawlessness. But we choose the part of peace as approved by the United Nation and the International community.

“But Kanu and his group chose the part of violence and were instigating innocent Biafrans to engage in acts of lawlessness with some of them losing their lives in the process.

“We condemn this act in its entirety as we believe that its against what Biafra stands for and is known for. If Kanu and Madu cause the death of all Biafran youths what will be the gain of their agitation?

“My advice is that Nigeria government and security agents should do their job, and stop looking the other way while one man causes confusion everywhere.

“We in MASSOB believe in non violence as a way of achieving our Biafra as being championed by our leader, Chief Raph Uwazurike. Any other group that engages in violence is an enemy of Biafra struggle and should be treated as such.”

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