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BIAFRA: Igbo Leaders Will Never Support Secession – Emmanuel Iwuanyan­wu

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyan­wu says that Igbo leaders have resolved not to support any secessional move by any ethnic group within the federation but to back up all effort towards achieving the unity of the nation.
Chief Iwuanyanwu who is the Chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Strategic Committee on Contacts and Mobilisa­tion disclosed this in Ower­ri on Thursday as a Special Guest of Honour during a one day National Unity Summit organised by Arewa Ambassadors Congress of Nigeria (AACN) in collabo­ration with Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN) held at mini-conference hall of Imo Concord Hotel.
Iwuanyanwu who was decorated as a patron of the group described himself as lover of youths and that the youths equally love him because of his attributes of patience, philanthropy, com­passion and sterling leader­ship qualities.
He canvassed for the na­tion’s restructuring through devolution of power and practice of true federalism, noting that as the antidotes to national peace, unity and stability and insisted that similar reform must be car­ried out in power and agri­cultural sector as the only way of guaranteeing regular power supply and agricul­tural revolution in the coun­try.
Chief Iwuanyanwu said Igbos have distinguished themselves in all sectors of the economy and therefore principal stakeholders in the project called Nigeria.
According to him, “Ndig­bo have investments in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Igbos are truly detribalised and patriotic Nigerians to compare with other ethnic nationalities.
Biafra is the name giv­ing to the people who hail from South East Nigeria. The name does not connote agitation for freedom or in­dependence. We Biafrans don’t want to secede in Ni­geria.
The Easterners who are called Biafrans by im­plication have lots of critical investments in every part of the country as against other ethnic groups.
What the Igbos are saying or preparing to do is that, if the people of Arewa want to secede in Nigeria, the Bia­frans if for no other reason at least because of their investment as principal stakehold­ers must fight to stop them, and Igbos will do the same if the Oduduwa people want to secede, because the Igbos have serious investments and population at stake. 
We Biafrans stand for one Unit­ed Nigeria, where peace, love, progress and stability thrives”, he insisted.

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