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Donald Trump: My First 100 Days Are The Most Successful In US History

How do Donald Trump's first 100 days in the Oval Office compare to those of his predecessors?
Well, according to the president, he's got them beat.

"I truly believe that the first 100 days of my Administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history," Trump says in his weekly address, released Friday, a day ahead of the milestone. "In just fourteen weeks, my administration has brought profound change to Washington."
During the four-minute address, Trump discusses the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Justice Neal Gorsuch, his budget-trimming abilities and other topics that have played prominently since he assumed office.
"Our companies are doing better –- they just announced fantastic profits -– all because of what's happened in this rather short period of time," Trump says. "And that's just the beginning. We're putting in a massive tax cut for the middle class and for business. It's going to have an enormous effect."

Trump also boasts that he has created thousands of jobs.

"Most importantly, we're bringing back jobs," he says. "You asked the people of Michigan; you asked the people of Ohio; you can ask the people of Pennsylvania. See what's happening. See the car companies come roaring back in. They don't want to leave. They want to stay here. They want a piece of the action."

He adds, "The massive Keystone Pipeline, the Dakota Pipeline -– tens of thousands of jobs right there. And so many other businesses. We're really proud of what we’re doing."

In a nod to Justice Gorsuch, Trump says, "A truly great judge, Neil Gorsuch, now sits on the United States Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch is deeply devoted to our Constitution. 

My Administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first 100 days – the last time it happened was 136 years ago in 1881."

But above all, he says, is "the renewal of the American Spirit. As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, then the sun will always shine on our very Glorious Republic."

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