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Baby Boy Found Dead Near Waste At Alagbado In Lagos (Photos)

A dead baby boy of less than two years old was found wrapped with white garments clothing materials and deposited in a waste materials close to AIT, Alagbado, a suburb in Lagos State this morning at about 8:30am.

It was gathered by our reporter who coincidentally got to the area of the incident when she heard of a market woman shouting at a man sitting in the passenger seat in a parked Jeep by two men what they were trying to drop in the sewage, one of the men answered "don't I pay my tax so, I have the right to drop any waste in the sewage". This caught the attention of the LAWMA officials who were trying to packed the waste materials in front of Agbado/Oke-Odo market on AIT road, Alagbado to check through what was deposited in the sewage.

People around gathered to look and also take some snapshot of the dead baby boy before the attention of the law enforcement officials were beckon to come to the vicinity of the incident.

Some of the officers​ of the Nigerian police were later seen around the place at about 11am taking pictures of the dead boy.

Our reporter try to asked some questions from them but they said answers to any questions could be given at the police station.

Assumptions of different kinds were given by different people, one of the onlookers says the baby was used for rituals while another says it could be that the dead boy was sick because of the medications pack that was put in the nylon bag that was used to wrapped the dead boy.

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