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‘Walking Dead’ Ahead: Is That Carol’s Grave?

“Say Yes,” the twelfth episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, showed us that you don’t have to sacrifice romance during the end of the world. Much like the greatest love stories ever told, Michonne and Rick’s steamy passion blossomed with each skull splatter and decapitating slice.

The moment in which Rick professes that he’d rather be with Michonne than “reorder” the world after defeating Negan foreshadowed something awful… Michonne is going to die. Maybe not soon, but she will. 

Because whenever Rick wants something, the writers make sure to take it away. This entire series is just one giant middle finger to Rick Grimes and his happiness.

The next episode appears to be a fun one with Carol on the warpath. She uses that sign to subtly signify that there’s only One Way out of this mess. And it’s right through that walker’s face!

Next episode’s title “Bury Me Here” comes from this grave, and odds are that Carol dug it for herself after finally finding out that Glenn and Abraham died. Her temper tantrum attack is most likely what is causing things to get heated between King Ezekiel and the Saviors.

And I’m not too hopeful for Benjamin making it out of this one alive. Kingdommer — yes, that’s the proper term. No, I don’t like it either — Kingdommer Richard has already threatened a false flag operation that would have gotten Carol killed. He knows there’s one other key to Ezekiel’s heart… No, not chili mac! 

Benjamin! Somebody’s going in that empty grave, and I really doubt that it’s going to be Carol in a non-season finale episode. Plus, Benjamin’s death will light a fire under Ezekiel’s butt to go to war!
And if there’s time, which there won’t be (even though these episodes get longer and longer), Tara will finally lead Rick to Oceanside and its cache of guns. Or instead, she’ll just let that toddler play with her choking hazard bracelet.

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