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Messi's Goal Celebration Sure Looks Like A Message To Barcelona Management

 Lionel Messi seemed to have a rather cryptic goal celebration on Satuday in Barcelona’s 5-0 win over Celta Vigo. After scoring the team’s first , Messi did this after celebrating with his teammates.

Now, Messi doesn’t seem like one to be sending indirect messages. But here are the five possibilities as to what it meant.
  1. A message to management saying, “Hey, my contract is up after next season. Why don’t you call me and let’s talk about a new deal. After all, the goal I just scored was sick and I deserve it.” I don’t get a sense that Messi would do something like that, but it does feel like the most likely of options.
  2.  A message to management, after possibly professing his admiration for Sevilla mananger Jorge Sampoali to be Barca’s next coach. “Call Sampa. Tell him I run this place and he is coming.”
  3. A message to his soon-to-be-wife, Antonella after placing a bet that he would score before the half-hour mark.”Anta, call the pizzeria. And get it with salami.”
  4. “Call Cristiano Ronaldo, make sure he saw that goal.”
  5. “See what I can do? Call other clubs. I’m ready to move.”
It’s really hard to get a good read on what it meant, though. Messi’s face was super serious, so it makes you think it would be No. 1. It’s most certainly not No. 3, 4 or 5, though those would be something else.

Messi hasn’t commented on what the celebration was. So, in the end, we may just never know.

Watch the videos below:

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