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Barack and Michelle Obama Share Inspiring Women’s Day Letter

Former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday by sharing a personal piece of fan mail.
Former President Barack Obama, with Michelle Obama, shared a touching letter they received from a woman who was inspired by the former first lady. (Photo: Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images)

Accompanying the Jan. 21 letter titled “I’m in” on Medium, the former president wrote:

“When Michelle and I came back from vacation, we found this note from a woman named Sindhu waiting for us. I’m proud of Michelle for the difference she made in this young woman’s life, and I’m inspired by Sindhu’s story — so I thought I’d share it with you today.”

In her letter, Sindhu wrote: “One day in Fall 1996, an idealistic 17-year old Indian girl was inspired while sitting in a chapel. She didn’t remember the name of the woman who spoke. 

But she will never forget the fire that was lit to make something of her life, and to use that life to serve others. 

That week, she signed up to be a volunteer at the hospital and signed up for an after-school program teaching creative writing and literature for underserved children in the community.”

She continued: “Twenty-one years later, that girl is now a 38-year old woman, a bit older in body, sometimes a bit jaded, but much younger in spirit. That woman fires up medical students to be passionate about behavioral sciences and psychiatry, serves children and adults struggling with mental illness, and continues an after-school outreach program to teach 6th graders about how to care for their mental health. That torch lit as a freshman at the University of Chicago continues to be ablaze.”

“That 17-year old was me,” Sindhu added. “I later found out that the inspirational powerhouse of a woman who spoke was Michelle Obama.”

Sindhu went on to thank the former first lady for helping her evolve from an obedient teenager to a strong woman with high standards who advocates for herself. Today, Sindhu is married to an “Indian feminist man” and the couple is raising a feminist 3-year-old son “whose middle name is Atticus and who thinks he is actually Thomas the train.”

The woman signs off by writing, “The events from this week, this amazing Women’s March, echoed globally that the expectations I have are not ones I hold in isolation. I want a different world. I need a different world. So when you get back from your vacation, I wanted to let you know. I’m in.”

Michelle spent International Women’s Day visiting 12 female students at a Washington, D.C., middle and high school, according to People. The former first lady’s Snapchat also revealed the moment she surprised the girls, many of whom gasped, “Oh my God!” at their unexpected visitor.

“Did you know? You didn’t know,” Michelle replied, as she hugged all the students

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