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Tunisia Terror Attack Ruled 'Unlawful Killing'

Relatives of the 30 Britons killed in the Tunisia terror attack have fought back tears, as a coroner recorded unlawful killing verdicts.

At the inquest into their deaths, the judge attacked police for "deliberate and unjustifiable" delays in tackling the gunman.

But he says holidaymakers were not neglected by travel firms, despite terrorism warnings in the country.

Pam Plain from East Winch was there with her partner.

She says the worst bit was not being able to reassure her kids back home:
"I just sort of said it casually that there's someone with a gun, but everyone's alright and everything's fine, but then they put the TV on.
They had a different story to what I'd said, so I had four children at home whittling and worrying and crying, and then they couldn't get through to me because everyone was trying to use the wifi."

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