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Trump Drops Appeal of Travel Ban Suspension, Plans New Order

US President Donald Trump has stopped appeal of a court order which suspended his travel ban on some countries.

On Thursday, Justice Department asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals not to conduct review of the order.

The department, however, disclosed that Trump plans to issue a new replacement order.

At a press conference Thursday, Trump also announced plan of a modified version.

He refused to provide details, but said a “new executive order is being tailored to the decision that we got down from the court.”

In a brief filed Thursday in the ongoing legal case over the executive order, DOJ lawyers wrote that the government is not seeking a review by the court that would weigh the merits of the case.

“Instead, the government asks that the Court hold its consideration of the case until a new Order is issued and respectfully requests that the panel opinion be vacated at that time,” DOJ attorneys wrote.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who successfully challenged Trump’s executive order, also argued in latest filings that the 9th Circuit should not grant a review.

A panel of three judges from the 9th Circuit last week upheld a restraining order that blocks most travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations — Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.

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