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Top 10 Most Popular Time To Have Sex!

For many couples, the time they have sex is so irregular that the thing just happens almost by accident, say when they bump into each other on the bed; or when one of them suddenly gets a rare glimpse of the other’s nude body!

Yet, sex experts are of the view that there are those times of the week when sex should be happening because… well… because it’s sex!

As reported by the Mirror, a pharmaceutical outlet, Superdrug, reached this superb conclusions when it polled 2,000 people, asking them to share the top 10 most popular times they have sex. The responses are revealing!

The drug store also asked its respondents to share when it’s the least time they have sex, and the responses are as intriguing!

So, here’s the top 10 most popular time to have sex; as well as the least popular time of the week people have sex!

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