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Kylie Jenner and Kanye West To Go Head To Head

Kylie Jenner might be giving Kanye West some lip when she hears about this. It seems he is entering the makeup industry, which, in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Jenner currently dominates with Lip Kits, Kyshadows and newly announced Kylighters in the works.
  Kanye West (Photo: Getty Images)

West has filed legal documents declaring his intention to create a makeup brand called Donda, according to forms acquired by TMZ. The brand would be named after his late mother, Donda.

According to TMZ, the line would consist of perfumes, lotions, and “other cosmetics.” Maybe a lip kit or eyeshadow? His half-sister-in-law can teach him a thing or two.

But will she want to help West, who could be her competitor? We’ll have to find out. This is not the first time the two have gone head to head.

The rapper was absolutely furious when the 18-year-old was first approached by Puma to become an ambassador for the brand in a $1 million deal. 

Kanye promised that under no uncertain terms will this be allowed because he famously collaborates with Adidas for his own line of Yeezy Boost shoes, so he accused the rival sports company of trying to “divide the family.”

Well, that got awkward. Because a week later, Jenner signed a deal with Puma. Apparently $1 million wasn’t measly to her. That, or she just really likes the brand. She’s been in multiple Puma campaigns since then.

With a successful fashion line under West’s belt, cosmetics are the natural next step. He has made it clear he’s got a big plan for himself. Remember when he created a chart for all the industries he wanted to enter? 

The funny thing is, makeup and cosmetics were not listed, unless he’s considering them accessories, which he has listed under the “Fashion Brand” umbrella. If that’s the case, he’s got a lot of learning to do. Cosmetics are far more than accessories.

While cosmetics weren’t mentioned in his life plan, “Container Company” did make the cut. Here’s hoping a Kanye West Container Store is in the works.

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