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Image Of God's Like Release By A Man As Found In Space

A Nigerian man by name Mr. Dada Gbenga who capture image of God like in space has decided to release the picture in his facebook account and said he can only release the Video upon United
State request

He also state that anyone who has eyes can see for themself what the image was and how beautiful or handsome is he who was passing by in the video.

he'd belief there are going to be lot of things that passes through the space that if you dont replay and replay it you can come out to identify what it could be as the same video he capture this via youtube has been watch by million and no one notice something has passby

He has for once wanted to draw it and make it available for sale. But he felt very disturb inside of him to release the image for world to see.

But he's still insisting that he will only release the video to the image upon when United State Of America and Nasa, or SpaceX contacts him in person here in Nigeria.

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