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Civil Defense, Peace Corps Battle in Osogbo

There is an ongoing tension between the Peace Corps of Nigeria and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, (NSCDC) in Osun, resulting to series of arrests and counter-arrests, DAILY POST reports.

It was gathered that the two organisations have been involved in serious fracas lately, which almost degenerated to a full-blown violence.

As the crisis raged on, the Osun State Provost of the Peace Corps, Akintayo Oluseye, had recently alleged that he was detained, de-kit and beaten by men of the civil defense on the order of the NSCDC state commandant.

According to the him, “it started in December 15, 2016 when civil defense officer identified as Olarinoye came with a mechanic and crossed our quarter guard which is never done in any barrack.

“Olarinoye came back some days after and packed his car on the road that led to our barrack. We tried to plead with him but he rose in anger and hit his head on a pole.

“He, however, went to their barrack to report that we inflicted injury on him and instead of their commandant to investigate, they started arresting our officers within the metropolis, and locked them up in their guard-rooms after beaten them to pulp”.

In his reaction, the Commandant of NSCDC, Philip Oyedele, said it was untrue that he ordered his men to detain officers of Peace Corps, saying he was not at home when the incident happened.

“I was on a television programme when I heard that one of my officers was beaten by the Peace Corps. I invited the commandant of Peace Corps immediately after the incident and he begged me to temper justice with mercy. I have not taken step on it when their Deputy Commandant came to my compound without informing me.

“They came in mufti and tred to drive in before my men stopped them. And my men did not know their mission. If I did not enter the barrack on that day, we would have been saying another thing because my men were fully armed when they came.

“I have instructed their commandant to produce Alata and Adamu, who were reported to have beaten my men to come and apologize,” he said.

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