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BREAKING: Five Dead As Gunman Attacks US Airport

At least five people has been confirmed killed after a gunman opened fire on passengers at an airport in the United States of America.

Picture of passengers stranded after gunman killed five and injured eight at US's Fort-Lauderdale airport in Florida. Photo: CNN

CNN reports that the gunman opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport in Florida and killed at least five people and injuring eight other.

The gunman is said to have been taken into custody.

The gunman opened fire at a baggage area in Terminal 2 of the airport.

The security agencies are refusing to give information about the type of gun or guns used, the history or identity of the suspect.

But the Sheriff department says it believed that the shooter acted alone.

Television footage showed passengers running to safety, and others gathered on the tarmac as NBC reported, citing Broward County officials, that one person had been killed.

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