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6 Blows That Strike Nigerian Graduates After Leaving University

If you think your life is hard enough, then you need to read the diary of a university graduate in Nigeria. You will know what it means to be truly unhappy given the things they face after school.

In truth, life is not a bed of roses! The things we labour for last longer than things we do not struggle for. But the disappointments faced after going through the pain of schooling with the educational system in Nigeria will make you wonder why go through the stress in the first place.

The importance of education can never be overemphasized. Nigerians have lots of expectations when it comes to graduating and making an impact in the world outside. But the labor market is a different ball game that leaves graduates frustrated and depressed.

When you have the opportunity to chat with undergraduates, you will notice how excited they are about graduating from school. They seem to have their lives planned as they can tell you what they would be doing as soon as they graduate. But the surprises they get afterwards leave them confused.

See some of the disappointments faced by university graduates in Nigeria:

1. The degree is an ordinary piece of paper
The first thing that leaves graduates dazed is the fact that the so much cherished degree that they laboured day and night for is an ordinary paper. After searching frantically for job, the euphoria of being a graduate starts to wear off.

This futile search for job leaves them in doubt as it dampens their spirit and allows depression to set in.

They become more worried especially when they see people who are not as educated as them making it in the same market.

You should not be worried if you are in a situation like this, you should only try as much as possible to acquire some skills so that you will be relevant in the society.

2. Being jobless makes one feel worthless
As proud as you may be as a graduate, being jobless reduces your self esteem. If your employment status does not change over time, fitting in to social groups may be difficult.

Attending social events with your colleague may look weird if most of them are employed. Unemployed graduates are seen majorly in religious centres where they pray for miracle jobs.

They are the focal point of attention when things go missing in the neighborhood. Financial organisations avoid giving them loan because they are not sure about the time they will pay back if they ever do.

When all has failed in the labour market, finding love is another major challenge. Parents do not give out their daughters to jobless and broke men.

3. Choice of study is irrelevant
You will be amazed to know that your discipline may not be related to the job you get eventually. This is because graduates are worn out from searching for jobs and are grateful for the open doors they see.

For those who are so passionate about their choices of course, not having a job will humble them and make them drop their prized titles.

Also, finishing with an upper grade may not amount to anything since the companies have their own standard of selection. Someone with a third class grade may be chosen over someone with a two-one.

4. Fall victim to scammers
Sitting all day at home with no job is tiring. Lots of graduates become victims of scammers as they are desperate to find jobs.

They end up losing the little they have saved or borrowed. Some of them end up getting kidnapped and held for ransom.

5. You are expected to be responsible despite all
The moment you graduate from school, the little support you get from the house stops or reduces. Family members expect you to be responsible despite you not having a job.

They feel it is your turn to serve them as they have struggled to see you through school. Not being able to fulfill your obligation as a family member may make it look like you have failed them.

This adds to the pressure you get from friends who taunt you and expect you to deliver against all odds.

When this happens, unemployed graduates feel mocked while family members also have their own opinions.

6. You lose your rep
There is no point forming and proving you have standard as an unemployed graduate. Being jobless strips graduate of all their macho illusion and make them come down to the level of the guys in the street.

They are forced to reckon with people they would not want to be seen with ordinarily. The mechanic, airtime sellers, newspaper vendors and bike men in their area become their friends.

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