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What is Your Take on Seun Egbegbe Alleged Stealing?

So many people would have thought that filmmaker, Seun Egbegbe, was perhaps, directing a movie when the  news and pictures hit the internet that he was beaten for absconding with nine iphones at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Faruk Al-amin Ole barawo, cut him hand
consummate thief ...... if there was no intent to steal at ALL,he would have brought out the money at the point of being beaten from the car as stated to the sales girl ........................ his press release only affirms the fact that he is a hardened criminal and not his first time of stealing phones this way........ that sales girl should thank her God,cause of the untold suffering that would have been her portion had he succeeded ....................

Exactly, all he needed to do was show proof of the money if there was any. Anyways serves him right.

This EGbegbe man must be a lunatic.

This story is actually part of his yet to be released home video titled: JAGBA. Starring Seun Egbegbe and friends introducing Kolawole Aleshinloye as Shop Owner. Release date is December 2016. Toyin Aimakhu will also feature briefly as Seun's girlfriend in a scene where three ladies will be presented brand new iphone 7 phones. Apple and Kaaltech seem to be among the sponsors. Please plan to grab your copy upon its release - it's gonna be the bomb for xmas!

it is a lie... the guy twited that he is at home relaxing.... from the pics. i am not convinced that he stole anything... all i see is some packs, and that red stain could be ketchup. another publicity stunts.... but one thing i can not deny, is that this guy looks hooked on some synthetic shit.

Stella Osayande You are an armed robber and you, your family and generation needed to be investigate.

FemiI actually think he is being sarcastic read his comments again.

The recession has finally hit these rogues.

Why not steal 10 nokia phones but iphone7 why!?!

senator Abimbola
Egbegbe and his ex girlfriend are always in the news for wrong reasons. Awon Omo ale meji

Big! Big! Big!!!! Shame!! To a shameless man

MOTUNRAKING Why we no dey follow reality for this country? Don't we think his release on that faithful day investigate. Not only our Judiciary that are c*****pt even our police too are c****pt.

People misunderstood the guy. He was only having a movie rehearsal without video camera with the sales boy. Naija!!

Shameless thief.  

The guy Seun has just succeeded in disgracing his self what a shame it unfortunate he is associated with Tony Amiakun!

Even toyin aimaku too her life is worse than that of miss anambra
Hmmmm, NEMESIS is fighting back

Olumide Soneye O jo gate, ko jo gate, o fi ese mejeeji jo ara won. Why nine phones at a time? Normally, he would have taken only one phone if he did not have the intention of running away with the phones.

he wanted to impress his friends in the car or probably initiate them on how to obtain phones without paying ............................ most of those phones would have ended up in the laps of women ..........................

Extracted from Punch news

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